Amit Balooni

What is Jugaad ?

Jugaad is common, almost cliched, word used across India. Considering how creatively we fit Jugaad into multitude of situations, it’s tricky to define it clinically. Here is my attempt to list some common, positive and negative usages

  1. Rudimentary, make-do ‘kaam chalau’
  2. Political or interpersonal leverage to get your work done, by hook or crook
  3. Grassroot, Bottom of the Pyramid innovation
  4. Frugal engineering

You would often see people talk about why we should change our Jugaad mindset (1 ,2) while in the same breath also expressing pride in our inherent ability to innovate in constraints (3,4).

Whats your take!

(Edited extract from Going Beyond Startups to try an all-inclusive Jugaad Revolution..’ by Amit Balooni, First published in